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DIY Alyssa Norton Handpiece or Panja Tutorial from Chic Steals here. Relatively easy DIY using cheap Forever21 earrings. Top Photo: $805 Alyssa Norton Panja/Handpiece here, Bottom Photo: DIY by Chic Steals. For gorgeous jewelry inspiration go to For more handpieces go here:
*I first saw this tutorial and the term “panja” at Gloriously Chic where she brought up the term “slave bracelet” and how it should be changed - I agree and have written about it several times. She also brought up the fact that if you google “handpiece” only dental tools come up. I wrote in a comment on Gloriously Chic’s blog:

I figure if Adidas pulls their Shackle Sneakers off the market then the fashion/jewelry industry can rename their “slave jewelry” something more appropriate.



Braids galore!

My 5 favorite braids- each with a tutorial

Truebluemeandyou: I’ve posted one or two of these separately, but this is a really good roundup with cat ear braids for Halloween included.

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